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About Us

Despite making up over 50% of our country’s population, women and girls only have a small percentage of access to self-development and economic empowerment.

REACH has a mission to support women and women-run businesses to achieve their maximum potential.

This platform provides women entrepreneurs with the solutions and resources that will help them in all areas of their lives: personal, professional, and business.

Founded by women entrepreneurs, REACH has the core purpose of taking our businesswomen to the next level. We are inviting more than 500 aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs from all over the country to join REACH

Why join REACH?

We have created a set of products and services instrumental in advancing you and your business.

Connect with national and global leaders and leverage its extensive peer-to-peer exchange

Become a member of an exclusive club that gives you access to a global reach

Prepare for future growth and economic success

Become a role model for change and inspire other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Develop core competencies to manage your growing business

Let your contributions become known and inspire others